Yes I am bad at jokes.
Just an introduction.
mid 30th, South African living in the uk, well Yorkshire gods own county apparently

lucky enough to have done a PPL a long time ago with the Defence flying club out of FASK with an instructor pilot from 44 squadron. I recall memories of my first solo and getting sprayed down by the fire truck, I did not want to come out from under the wing of the c150. The A10 fly's at what seems the same speed as the C150 so i feel at home with it.

Currently trying to get more proficient at the A10c on dcs, with the aim of trying to join this group at some point.
Other hobbies of mine are sim racing, airsoft, outdoor activities, tinkering, sourdough bread, cooking and travel(well I used too).
In the process of setting up a touch screen for Helios, buying it next week (don't tell my wife).
Have an engineering back ground.

I hope to be able to fly with you all soon.