• About the 476th vFG

    About the 476th virtual Fighter Group
    The 476th virtual Fighter Group is a flight simulation game multiplayer organisation who play the DCS World series of simulations by Eagle Dynamics.

    We endeavour to employ real world tactics, techniques, and procedures wherever practical while also encouraging a sense of camaraderie and friendship amongst our members. We take our virtual flying seriously, but not ourselves.
    We aim to provide an extremely high standard of training to both new members and our existing members in order to ensure that we continuously develop our skills and can continue to enjoy the challenge and experience of learning a realistic flight simulation in a multiplayer environment.

    The 476th currently flies DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer, DCS: F/A-18C Hornet, DCS: F-16C Viper and the DCS:UH-1H Huey. We intend to adopt other DCS airframes as and when they are released, providing they will meet the standard of fidelity we require and fit in with the other types we operate. In order for an aircraft to be adopted it must also provide a practical capability to the group and we must be able to produce training material to the standard our members and the community have come to expect.

    If you’d like to read about how you can become a member of the 476th vFG click the Recruitment link to the left.

    History of the 476th
    The 476th virtual Fighter Group was founded on 23rd March 2012 by a group of friends flying DCS A-10C who had a desire to create an international group where realistic flying and the use of real world tactics, techniques, and procedures was the order of the day while also maintaining the friendships and camaraderie that fosters a great atmosphere and enjoyable flight simulation multiplayer experience.

    The initial structure of the 476th vFG was based on the US Air Force’s 476th fighter Group based at Moody AFB in Georgia, USA. You can read more about the 476th FG below.

    Our founders (Eddie, Gopher, Joyride, Rat, Snoopy, Stuka, and Wolfman) amassed over 5000 multiplayer flight hours in the 476th and hailed from across the world. Our goal from the outset has always been to have a Virtual Fighter Group that, to the best of our ability and within the limitations of Eagle Dynamics’ products, conduct realistic missions using realistic tactics and procedures.

    The 76th vFS "Vanguards"
    The 76th fighter Squadron was the first operational squadron within the 476th vFG and was activated the 23rd of March 2012 alongside the formation of the group. Since its formation the 76th vFS has operated the A-10C in the Air Interdiction, Close Air Support, and Forward Air Controller (Airborne) roles.

    The 510th vFS "Buzzards"
    The 510th Fighter Squadron was the third operational squadron within the 476th vFG and was activated the 25th of July 2018 with the adoption of the F/A-18C. With the formation of the 510th vFS operation of the F/A-18C in the multiple roles, all being fleshed out over the coming months as Eagle Dynamics introduces more functions to the Hornet.

    The 421st vFS "Black Widows"
    The 421st Fighter Squadron was the fourth operational squadron within the 476th vFG and was activated the 29th of February 2020 with the adoption of the F-16C. By including the F-16C we have added another formidable multi-role aircraft in parallel to the F/A-18C. We look forward to the aircraft being fleshed out in the next years as Eagle Dynamics introduces more functions and systems to the Viper.

    The 7th vHS "Coyotes"
    The 7th vHS was activated by the end of October 2020 as the only rotary wing squadron within the 476th, currently operating the UH-1H. The long term plan is to make the 7th the squadron for all future rotary assets in the group. The Kiowa and Apache come to mind.

    The 74th vTS "Flying Tigers"
    The 74th was activated the 15th of August 2013 as the 74th vTraining Squadron to act as the initial home to our new members and provide the training required to fulfill a role within the operational squadrons of the 476th. Currently delivering training for the A-10C and F/A-18C, the 74th will also provide training for pilots joining to fly other airframes in the future.

    The 65th vAGRS "Aggressors"
    The 65th vAggressor Squadron was activated on the 30th of November 2014 to provide a credible air threat in support of training within the 476th vFG. The 65th v AGRS initially operated the MiG-21Bis "FISHBED" by Magnitude 3 LLC. Following its release, the 65th adopted the F-5E-3 Tiger II by Belsimtek as its main airframe, but continues to operate the MiG-21Bis "FISHBED" as a secondary platform in support of training activates where required. The 65th vAGRS is manned by several of the more experienced pilots of the 476th, both as a primary and secondary unit, it does not fulfill a combat role, and members of this squadron also fly at least one of the groups operational aircraft.

    The 422d vTES "Green Bats"
    The 422d Test and Evaluation Squadron was activated the 21st of January 2016. The purpose of the 422d within the group is to allow full members to be active on the NTTR DS with certain aircraft as well as be used to test new "DCS" level (aka on par with the A-10C for system and flight model modeling) aircraft to see if they meet our standards and possibly included as officially supported modules.

    The 81st vFS "Panthers"
    The 81st fighter Squadron was the second operational squadron to be activated in the 476th vFG. It was formed the 15th of August 2013 and operated the A-10C in the Air Interdiction, Close Air Support, and Forward Air Controller (Airborne) roles for pilots flying in European time zone evenings. The 81st vFS was deactivated the 5th of November 2017.

    The 75th vAR "Tiger Sharks"
    The 75th was activated as the 75th vAviation Regiment on the 22nd of June 2012 as the first Rotary Wing Squadron within the 476th, operating the Ka-50 "HOKUM" in the Air Interdiction and Close Air Support roles. The Squadron was deactivated on the 11th of August 2012 following the retirement of the Ka-50 from the 476th.

    The 476th vTS "Kittens"
    The 476th "Kittens" was activated on the 23rd of March 2012 as the 476th vTraining Squadron, and provided a home to new members of the 476th vFG and delivered the training required to fulfill a role within the operational squadrons of the 476th. The 476th vTS was deactivated on the 15th of August 2013 and replaced by the 74th vTS.

    The Real 476th Fighter Group

    The 476th Fighter Group, 23rd Fighter Group
    Located at Moody AFB, Georgia the 476th Fighter Group** is a Total Force Integration (TFI) USAF Reserve unit geographically separated from but assigned to the 442nd Fighter Wing.**

    While Working hand in hand with Air Combat Command’s, the 23rd Fighter Group** 'Flying Tigers,' specifically the 74th and 75th Aircraft Maintenance Units and 76th Fighter Squadron.

    The purpose of Total Force Integration (TFI) units are to generate efficiency and cost savings by sharing resources, reducing duplication of efforts and, in some cases, reducing the number of people needed to accomplish a task. TFI provides contingency surge capability. They work with, train with, deploy with, and use the same equipment as the host unit.

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