• Recruiting

    Recruiting at the 476th vFighter Group is fundamental to our growth and ongoing improvement. We accept new applicants as training capacity becomes available within individual squadrons of the group. Training for each of our four squadrons is structured, extensive and takes a substantial amount of time and dedication - from both the training pilot, and the squadron members, to successfully complete. Therefore, available training slots are typically limited.

    All applicants must be at least 18 years old. Due to the required level of commitment, pilots cannot be a member of another organization that flies any DCS World airframe.

    Applicants decide for which one of the 476th supported aircraft they wish to train, and their training is then coordinated by the corresponding squadron (76th, 510th, 421st, 7th) within the 476th. Once training begins, the training pilot has up to three months to complete the Initial Qualification Training (IQT) portion of the training program, followed by an additional twelve months to complete the Mission Qualification Training (MQT) portion in a multirole aircraft or nine months to complete the MQT portion in the A-10C. Successful IQT/MQT completion results in full squadron membership and a Combat Mission Ready (CMR) rating. During training, new members are limited to membership in only one squadron. After obtaining a CMR rating, a member can optionally apply for training with a second squadron within the 476th, if dual squadron membership is desired.

    Applicants must be able to accomplish the following in their chosen aircraft before being accepted into the 476th for Initial Qualification Training:

    • Perform a full ramp start, in accordance with 476 vFG approved aircrew checklist that you can find here on our website.)
    • Safely taxi, takeoff, and land. Includes Hover for rotary wing.
    • Safely perform an instrument approach and landing.
    • Deploy all weapons carried by the aircraft.
    • Safely perform in-flight refueling with fixed wing aircraft.
    • Perform all of the above at night, and/or in poor weather.

    The above requirements are necessary to ensure that training pilots begin our training program with the necessary level of knowledge and skills. This base level of expertise is not part of our training, but rather an assumed prerequisite from which to start IQT/MQT training. All of these requirements can be learned by self-study and practice in single player mode. Once these are learned, the training pilot is well-positioned for a successful and enjoyable training experience within the 476th vFighter Group.

    Designated 476th members will review applications and arrange pre-acceptance interviews and check rides. The criteria used to decide who will be interviewed and accepted into training include experience, attitude, motivation, and interpersonal skills

    The 476th IQT/MQT training program is well documented, but is self-paced. Training pilots are required to read a substantial amount of 476th material, and fly a significant number of training flights. Knowledge is freely provided here, and our members enjoy helping each other, but the training pilot must actively seek help from squad members with training questions and for flight scheduling during training.

    Successful training completion requires considerable time and effort, but we’re certain that you’ll find the results are well worth it.

    Recruiting of A-10C is currently on hold.

    Recruiting of AH-64D is currently on hold.

    Recruiting of F-16C is currently on hold.

    Recruiting of F/A-18C is currently on hold.

    Recruiting of UH-1H is currently opened.

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