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    The 476 vFG Air Weapons Range Objects

    This mod will add new objects to DCS World for use as practice targets.

    The Strafe Pit target is an F-4 Phantom drag chute suspended at a 15° angle between two salvaged 35ft telephone poles, and is ideal for Low Angle Strafe (LAS). The drag chute is situated within a 350ft x 100ft sand-filled area that reduces ricochets and provides contrast from surrounding terrain.

    Conventional Circle targets consist of salvaged vehicle tires arranged in concentric circles up to 300ft in diameter, and are ideal for Low Angle Low Drag (LALD), Low Angle High Drag (LAHD), and High Angle Strafe (HAS) deliveries. A 20ft conex container is located at the bullseye.

    Aim-Off Distance Markers consist of a white 20ft conex container, and is used to aid in establishing the desired Aim-Off Distance when employing ordnance on the Conventional Circle targets. Three markers are situated at 1,000ft intervals beyond the Conventional Circle, along the desired attack direction.

    The Foul Line is located 2,000ft short of the strafe pits and consists of a row of salvaged vehicle tires approximately 500ft long, oriented perpendicular to the run-in line.

    The Main Range Tower is located abeam the Foul Line, and provides the Range Control Officer a vantage point from which to score hits on the various targets on the range complex. The Main Tower is approximately 60ft tall at its highest point, and is painted aviation red and white to aid in visual identification of manned facilities.

    The "Hard" Tactical Strafe Target is a Soviet JS-2 tank hulk located in the center of a 75ft diameter

    The "Soft" Tactical Strafe Target is an surplus US Army M35 truck located in the center of a 75ft diameter circle.

    Download the MOD in our download section. Any feedback is welcome on our forum.

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