• 476th Virtual Fighter Group

    Welcome to the home of The Four-Seven-Six vFighter Group

    We are an international organization, our goal is to continuously learn and refine our skills while enjoying these simulators in a multiplayer environment incorporating realistic tactics and procedures.

    Here at the 476th vFG we are not about quantity but the quality of our pilots! All our training is based on real world training documents and we will make every effort to train and mentor those that join the Group.

    Currently we support DCS: A-10C II, DCS: F/A-18C, DCS: F-16C, and DCS: UH-1H with plans to incorporate future released Eagle Dynamics or third party DCS aircraft.

    We have five active Squadrons and 1 test & evaluation squadron within the 476th vFG:

    • 74th vTraining Squadron 'Flying Tigers'
      This is where all new applicants (Training Pilots) are initially assigned to learn the ways of the 476th vFG.
    • 76th vFighter Squadron 'Vanguards' (A-10C II).
    • 421st vFighter Squadron 'Black Widows' (F-16C).
    • 510th vFighter Squadron 'Buzzards' (F/A-18C).
    • 65th vAggressor Squadron (F-5, F-16C, F/A-18C).
      When pilots achieve a Combat Mission Ready (CMR) Ready Aircrew Program (RAP) rating on their primary airframe they may become a member of the vAggressor Squadron.

    • 422nd vTest and Evaluation Squadron
      Full members can participate in the vTest and Evaluation Squadron. This is where we evaluate new modules that have systems and flight modeling on par with what we feel a DCS aircraft should be. Meaning the airframe will have Advanced Systems Modeling (ASM) and a Professional Flight Model (PFM) on par with the A-10C.

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