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476TTP3-3.A-10C - 24APR16

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Thank you for your interest in the 476th developed TTP, we hope it adds to your DCS experience. While we provide this completely free to the DCS community, please consider donating to help support our operating costs. Every bit helps keep the website and file hosting available to you all.

476TTP3-3.A-10C - Combat Aircraft Fundamentals A-10C

This handbook provides DCS A-10 pilots a comprehensive document containing fundamental employment procedures and techniques that may be used to accomplish the mission of the A-10. This handbook is the primary A-10 attack aircraft fundamentals for the 476th Virtual Fighter Group, 76th Virtual Fighter Squadron, 81st Virtual Fighter Squadron, and 74th Virtual Training Squadron.

The procedures and techniques are presented for pilot consideration in planning and are not for regulatory purposes. Other procedures and techniques may be used if they are safe and effective. Designed to be used in conjunction with 476OI series directives, this handbook addresses basic flying tasks and planning considerations for both the air-to-air and air-to-surface arenas. It presents a solid foundation on which effective tactics can be developed. This handbook is not designed to be used as a step-by-step checklist of how to successfully employ the A-10C or any other aircraft, but rather provides information and guidelines on basic procedures and techniques.



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