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Thread: TACAN RWY 14 VAZIANI Almost killed me

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    TACAN RWY 14 VAZIANI Almost killed me

    Thanks for the approach plates 476. We have a small base at Vaziani and I am undertaking IFR training with my guys. I have 30 years as a commercial pilot in Canada and I wanted to pass some IFR knowledge to the pilots on my server. I first flew the Vaziani 11 DME arc to 31 and it was good. Next I flew in IMC the TACAN RWY 14 at Vaziani. It says on the plate that when inbound and inside 11 DME (SPINR) we are good to 3000 feet ASL. I almost flew into the hill that is right below and north of the inbound track. I was at and above 3000 asl with a properly set altimeter

    I think that another step down fix is in order to make this approach safe. I think inside 11 DME descent to 4000 until 6 DME, then down to 3000 inside BLOWR and then the rest is good.

    I used the F10 map and altitude readout to determine some of this. 3000 feet inside 11 DME is CFIT

    Also the 11 DME arc on the Hi TACAN 31 to Vaziani needs a minimum arc altitude. I determined 5000 would work but none is listed and Im sure every arc I've flown has with it a minimum altitude.

    Let me know if I am not seeing this or flying this correctly.
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