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Thread: VR spec and setting Question

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    VR spec and setting Question

    For those of you running VR..... what sort of HMDs are you using and what min system requirements do you need to run the high end goggles? I'm running an HTC Vive Pro on an MSI Titan i9 core-8950/2.9gHz and an RTX-2080 GPU.

    I've experimented with the Settings and am currently getting good frame rates and smooth flows looking out at the 3/9 line even in pretty dense urban areas. I don't know the exact frame rates as I haven't figured out how to display the frame rate counter in VR yet. But when VR is disconnected and I'm running on the monitor only, I'm usually running around 90-120+ fps. It occasionally will dip to around 60 for a moment when something is stressing the system.

    My biggest issue at the moment is the cockpit resolution us sub-optimal. I have the cockpit resolution in DCS settings set to 1024 and I can just make out the wording on most switches and dials in the console but sometimes I have to lean in to read them better. But the MPDs and MPCDs on both the A-10 and the Hornet are really really hard to read unless I practically press my face to the virtual display.

    Are there some settings you all recommend to improve the cockpit resolution? Do any of the newer VR headsets (like the Pimax 8K) help this issue?


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    Your system specs should be more than enough, the only thing being the Max-Q 2080 being a little bit inferior than its desktop counterparts. I have the HP Reverb and I usually get around half of the monitor fps when in VR.

    For the fps counter in DCS you should be able to use CTRL+Pause to display it like with the monitor. With a second press you get additional info about the frame time. As I think that you use SteamVR with the Vive, there is also a tool in the steam store called fpsVR that displays some additional informations too (I have it but I never used it).

    As I have the Reverb, I cannot give you much advice on the settings for the Vive. I'd suggest that you start over with some settings posted in the ED forum by someone with the Vive Pro. You should be able to get at least a reasonably crisp MFDs as I could do that with the CV1 I had before.

    Maybe someone who has experience with the Vive around here can give you more tips!

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