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Thread: DCS Warthog 2 System Upgrade wish list

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    Question DCS Warthog 2 System Upgrade wish list

    The original thread is on the ED boards (here) but I fully expect it to get moved/barrier. Curious what everyone else hopes the updated A-10C gives us.

    Added 28 July 20

    Per the leaked development post it looks like we’ll hopefully be getting the following in DCS A-10C II
    • HMCS
    • ARC-210
    • Updated external model to include removal Pave Penny pod & Pylon
    • Updated cockpit model to include left console changes for the ARC-210 and items required for HMCS
    • updated HOTAS commands
    • New munitions and associated DSMS/HOTAS commands

    Quote Originally Posted by Snoopy
    The more I’ve thought about it since ED announced the upcoming A-10C 2 and based on the current version being a hybrid of suite 3 and 5 I’ve concluded that we won’t ever get a pure suite in the A-10C. That being said, some of the things that have come out in the real jet (suite 5 to suite 9) here are some of the things I hope we get.

    Just like the original release of DCS A-10C I am willing to help ED make DCS A-10C 2 the best possible product it can be!!

    Before people start giving the normal response; YES I know what we actually get in the updated module is contingent on what documentation ED is allowed to have and what systems the USAF says they can release to the public.

    Items that will make me purchase Day 1:
    • Flaps aren’t drooped (lowered) on a cold start jet (reported as a bug when I was still an ED Tester)
    • Nose wheel doesn’t drift to the right on its own with no hydraulic power (reported as a bug when I was still an ED Tester)
    • Fix wind milling engine producing 3,000 psi for hydro (already provided data why this is a bug currently)
    • True Mission Planner with Data Transfer Cartridge (DTC) functionality. The ability before getting in the jet to (in both SP and MP):
      - Plan mission data that feeds into the CICU, EGI, CDU and LASTE
      --Waypoints, flight plans, EGI Operational Flight Plan, GPS almanac
      --JDAM info
      --CDU initialization file
      -- TAD profiles, TAD display settings, TAD map overlays
      --Threat data,
      --Weapons inventory and profiles
      --DataLink (SADL) configuration
      --Targeting Pod configuration
      --HMCS Profiles (if added)
      --ARC-210 configuration data (if added)
    • Proper EPLRS (SADL) integration with Link 16
    • Scorpion Helmet Mounted Cueing System (HMCS) (would require cockpit model update)
    • Corrected/updated external 3d model
      -Remove the lift transducer from the right wing
      -Slats fully extend quickly under high AOA and then retract quickly when AOA is normal (currently they move up/down depending on AOA but don’t operate correctly; full up or full down)
      -Nose and Main Landing Gear struts have proper extension (currently nose strut sits to high and would damage internal components when nose wheel is turned)
      -External NVIS lights work
      -Remove Pave Penny Pod & Pylon
      -If OBOGS is added add vents
      -Covert/Overt landing & Taxi lights
    • Additional External Munitions
      -Laser Maverick (AMG-65E, AGM-65L)
      -APKWS Rockets

    Nice to have additions:
    • Add missing TAD symbology
    • Fixed TAD Map/Range scales
    • Additional symbology in the HUD (SPI, Mark Points, etc)
    • ARC-210 (would require cockpit model update)
    • Updated DSMS functionality (profiles include weapon sleds)
    • Ability to send TGP images through Message Page
    • Replace LOX with OBOGS (not that big a deal but removes LOX usage limitation, would also require cockpit model update)
    • Working Manual Reversion
    • Additional External Munitions
      -GBU-54 (LJDAM)
      -Being able to choose CATM-9 or CAP-9 (model of CAP-9 3d model we use at Moody already exists in DCS you just can’t load it)
      -IR illumination Rockets & Flares
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