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Thread: EU Flight Night - TacView with Radio Comms

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    EU Flight Night - TacView with Radio Comms

    The objective for this flight was to attempt train an ALR LOW Grinder. The aggressors were briefed to assume ALR High and attempt to close with/push back/merge with the blue fighters. Red fighters had 1 "Pk Continue" call before being called deadman. Overall excellent tactics work from blue and red, with some minor inconsistency in the comms for future work. There's some more detailed debrief in the 510th forums.

    There were some minor deviations for training:
    -All comms were done on the intraflight frequency to prevent the other side from hearing certain calls. This resulted in a few cases where we blocked each other instead of just talking over each other on separate frequencies.

    -Red is making "FOX 2 (range)" calls on the common frequency. This indicates positive track with an AIM-9X, simulating valid lock for an AA-10D. In the future, anyone replicating the Long Burn thread should consider making these calls.

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