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    Useful Tools and Apps

    I thought I would start a thread there that might become a repository for various apps, tools and sites that are useful to do things during flight. I'm thinking of things such as what people use to run kneeboards, convert co-ordinates, run external control macros, etc. Nothing posted here implies that anyone from the 476th is involved with, or has tested, anything here with DCS. Use at your own risk....

    I'll try to keep this post updated and categorised as people add any suggestions. As a starter:


    Universal Control Remapper - useful for custom afterburner gates and general control remapping - old version using AutoHotKey - New .NET framework version
    See this post for afterburner remapping instructions (needs the old AHK version of UCR)

    Joystick Gremlin - very similar to UCR but slightly more modern and has a more use-friendly interface

    AntiMicroX - another lightweight control remapper that's useful for game controllers.

    Macro Deck - turns old android tablets into external macro panels


    Multi Keyboard Remapper - let you run custom keyboard commands on any second keyboard you happen have lying around

    vJoy - for making virtual joysticks and mappings

    Helios (currently 1.6)
    for running control on 2nd monitors or tablets configured as such. Complex (very) with a steep learning curve (very) but massively powerful once set up correctly, and allows fully interactive controls and displays on 2nd monitors, touch screen, or (with appropriate display software) on tablets.

    DCS Input Command Injector & DCS Community Keybinds
    A quick to install combination that gives you lots of extra keybind options for stuff.

    Display Management

    Dual Monitor Tools - free app that can do all sorts of useful things to help you manage multiple displays

    ReShade - apply custom shading, colour or other setting to game graphics. Useful for fixing things like the too-dark export of Hornet MFDs

    Document Management

    XODO - free pdf viewer and manager for Android that lets you keep multiple pdfs open at specific pages - good for inflight kneeboards and documents

    Navigation and Planning

    CombatFlite - a very comprehensive mission planning tool that is still being actively developed

    DCSMP - a lightweight planning tool that has not had development for some time but still might be useful for A-10 and F/A-18 planning. Good for TOLD data.

    E6B Emulator - online emulator of an old school mechanical circular slide-rule for converting stuff to other stuff...

    Easy website to convert between Lat/Long and MGRS Co-ordinates

    Great Circle Calculator - online tool (very old) that will let you calculate an offset point from a known Lat-Long - useful for CAS in the Hornet and Viper until we get working offset points in the jet

    A lot of useful DCS planning maps from Bailey

    Exported Moving Map
    A set of software you can chain together to get a moving map on a tablet.
    DCS to GPS has good associated tutorials. Franson GPS gate will receive a UDP stream from DCS to GPS and send it out over bluetooth to your tablet. Bluetooth GPS (for android) will spoof your real GPS location and make android see the location from GPSGate. Then add mapping as you desire (including professional aviation kneeboard mapping apps if you want).
    • DCS to GPS 1.4
    • Franson GPS Gate
    • For Android - Bluetooth GPS by GGMobLab for spoofing your GPS location
    • Plus any mapping software of your choice. Options include AlpineQuest with the OpenTopo mapping or SkyCharts. AlpineQuest will import kmz files so you can have custom overlays, and will read the MBTiles format also used by CombatFlite.
      Another excellent alternative is OpenCPN (Windows and Android), which is designed as a marine navigation app. It has A LOT of features, plus more with plugins. This has the advantage of accepting location input in many different ways, including UDP over TCP/IP, meaning you don't need the FransonGPS stage to get from DCStoGPS to you chart app.
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