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Thread: Display Port Mystery

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    Display Port Mystery

    So I’m in the throws of wrapping up my computer upgrade and everything has worked just fine until I went to feed signals to my monitors.

    My GPU is a holdover from my previous configuration and it’s a Gigabyte GeForce 1080 OC. On my previous build, I was able to get displays on both monitors (Dell 27”) by feeding one with a DP to Mini-DP and the other with a DVI cable.

    I got two new DP 1.4 cables for the new configuration and it turns out that neither monitor will show a signal when fed from DP ports on the 1080. However, the DP to DP-Mini still works on one monitor and the second is now working on an HDMI signal. So I have a picture now on each monitor but I’m baffled as to why the DP cables failed to pass a signal Full-size DP to Full-size DP.

    Is there a Card Setting, Driver Setting or some other configurator setting I’ve missed in Win 10 Pro or the software for the 1080?

    Gigabyte z390 Designare Mobo
    Samsung M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD
    32Gb Patriot Viper RAM
    Corsair 850W PSU (Card obviously has power and I’m feeding the PCIe bus as well)*
    2 X Dell 27” Monitors @ 2560x1440 60Hz (I forget the exact models. One is about four years old and the other is about 2 years old)

    *Card was not new to me. Bought it used from a friend.

    Thanks for any ideas...


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    Not being familiar w the card, I'd say check the manual?

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    It’s pretty much as vanilla a 1080 as you’ll find so I thought maybe there might be something of a universal nature that I could check. I’ve poured through as much documentation as I could find but as I said, the card was not new out of the box for me, and it’s getting kinda long in the tooth. Additionally, on a new Mobo, the card has developed a horrible “Coil Whine” that’s driving me to distraction.

    I’m blessed with the resources right now so I’m going to just replace the GPU with something newer which will be fresh and have better tech and hopefully play better with the Mobo.

    Admins are free to nuke this thread or leave it as a conversation piece but the point of the thread will be (I hope) moot in a couple of weeks.


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    I know I'm late so you probably solved this, but try replacing the cable. There's plenty of subpar stuff wrongly advertised online and bad cables can have surprisingly odd behaviour. Once had a bad HDMI cable at work disable the mouse on the OS login screen only.

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    For DP 1.3 and 1.4 use, older (GTX 1000 series and below) cards need a firmware update. Try it, fair chance this solves your issue.

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    Already determined that it’s the monitor.

    But thanks...

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