Hey all,

I'm conure and have been learning the A10C over the past few months. Working through the manual, all the DLC campaigns and getting to grips with the weapon systems and CDU. I've started working through your own 476th A10C guide and really enjoy it.

I hope that when you open up recruitment for the A10C again you consider me.

I love the A10C, and its mission of CAS and general ground pounding. I have a Trackir / VKB NXT / VKB rudder pedals and t16000m throttle which is well suited to flying the A10C and shows, I hope, that I am serious about the hobby!
The reason I want to join the 476th is because you seem like you value doing things as they are done in the real world. For me, part of the joy of this hobby is learning how these machines are used in the real world. Learning about this from experts (which it seems this group is full of!) would be a wonderful opportunity.

I've been using flight sims for about 20 years (I'm 34, started early) and have had 12 lessons in a Piper Cherokee in 2019 pre covid. Hope I can continue that this year. In my personal life I am a software developer, and I'm based in London.

In addition to this I've completed all the PilotEdge ratings for VFR and IFR flight, and love doing things realistically.

I hope to be able to start training with you in the future.