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Thread: MSFS VFR Sectionals+Plans - In-game

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    MSFS VFR Sectionals+Plans - In-game


    Quick consolidated how-to guide for anyone who wants to get in-sim US VFR sectional charts, along with route plans and waypoints displayed in MSFS - and isn't quite an ergonomic nightmare for VR.

    • This avoids the various charts/flight planner/EFB -as-a-service, subscription products, that are out there for $£¥€...
      Along with having better in-sim integration (especially for VR) and more functionality & options than just viewing Skyvector.
    • You can disable your aircraft location from being shown - so that you have to navigate and don't have a magic 'sat-nav map', which is quite common for these tools.
    • Essentially, looking for something similar to the excellent AviTab for X-Plane. Tried a few different ways, but this works OK for the moment.
    • Note: In VR, depending on your headset and VR settings, the Little Navmap overlaid text-size can vary (not the map tile text-size) - any general remedies for that welcomed, or indeed other suggestions to achieve similar aims.
    • Posting here because of pockets of interest in MSFS and/or similar things

    Quick demo here:


    1. Install Little Navmap - link here
    2. Install VFR Sectional charts mod (and other maps) for Little Navmap
      Link to a forum post here to allow VFR sectional charts for all of the US (it fetches the VFR sectional chart tiles on demand). This mod also enables other maps and satellite imagery etc.
    3. Enable Little Navmap's webserver.
      This allows the charts and route etc. to be accessed over the network. The MSFS2020 plugin relies on this, but you can also view the charts on a physical tablet.
      -'Tools' > 'Run Webserver'
      -Then go to 'Tools' > 'Options' > 'Web Server' and find the IP address where the web server is running. Make a note of this address (i.e., http://XXX.XXX.X.XX:XXXX)
    4. Download and install this MSFS2020 toolbar plugin:
      -Download from here
      -Install as per instructions into your MSFS2020 community mods folder (instructions on finding mod folder here )
      -There is another v similar plugin, explictly for Little Navmap, but it doesn't work for me (scrolling & zoom controls don't work for me; text size way too small)
    5. Edit the plugin to open your Navmap webserver's address:
      -Go to the plugin's MSFS Community Mods folder
      -Go to the folder: html_ui > InGamePanels > CustomPanel
      -Open 'CustomPanel.js' in a text editor
      -Find '' and replace it with your address:
      The line should read:
      self.iframeElement.src = 'http://XXX.XXX.X.XX:XXXX';

    Decent way to practice some older-style pilotage, dead-reckoning and radio nav for the moment. Sure there will be other mods in the future.

    Credit to the modders and developers as required
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