Hey all,

I'm 30 years old and have been playing flight sims since I first got ahold of FS95 as a child. I've been interested in joining you guys for some time, and have been eagerly awaiting your recruitment to open up. I've been playing DCS for ~8-9 years, but I also own BMS, P3D, XP11, FS2020, and IL-2.

I own most aircraft in DCS, but the Viper is my absolute favorite, and I have over a thousand hours in it. I have been in mil-sim groups before, but I am excited to join what appears to be a serious and motivated community. I really want to take my simming to the next level, and I believe you all can offer me exactly what I am looking for in a DCS community.

I've watched a number of videos put out by members of your community, and am seriously impressed with the comms, TTPs, knowledge, etc that you all demonstrate and possess.

Looking forward to flying with all of you!